10 of todays most important environmental

10 of Today’s Most Important Environmental Issues

Ocean pollution is not only devastating for the sea creatures, it can also be devastating for humans as well. Is smog getting worse or better. How much of our groundwater is contaminated. As diplomats bicker over whether global warming is occurring, the people of Sudan are suffering more severe droughts These are just some of the fascinating questions you can read about here in future posts.

If humans continue moving forward in such a harmful way towards the future, then there will be no future to consider. Fashion fashion, fast food, packaging and cheap electronics are just some of the problems.

This smog is hazardous and could produce chronic illness in the Beijing inhabitants who leave their homes. Once Genetically Engineered plants are unleashed into the environment they can't be recalled if anything goes wrong.

Did you guess the tenth issue. The modern green movement believes that in order to create a sustainable future, people will need to return to the conservation spirit Americans were once famous for.

Source Marine Pollution The main contributor of ocean pollution begins on land, namely non-point pollution. Water bottles are the defining symbol of this critical issue.

The over consumption of resources and creation of plastics are creating a global crisis of waste disposal.

Top 10 Environmental Issues Facing Our Planet

At this stage the best we can do is regulate the further impact upon the environment by developing more environmentally friendly methods of energy production by reducing the mining and burning of fossil fuels.

The bad news is that many more species are now under threat, including indicator species and evolutionarily unique species. Unless "clean" renewable energy alternatives are found and introduced quickly our planet risks being turned into an inhospitable, possibly uninhabitable environment.

It is no doubt that many efforts have been made to recycle, reduce waste and create energy efficient cars.

Another example is the destruction of coral reefs in the various oceans, which support the rich marine life. How bad is it. What on earth literally is going on. Currently Beijing, China is struggling to deal with smog over the entire city. Reducing consumption, and smart consumption, are both necessary — and there are many ways to go about doing this.

The World’s 6 Most Pressing Environmental Issues

"The effects of environmental issues, such as global warming on health," -- Krista Townsend, Canada Another global health priority you identified was the link between our health and the environment we live in, from the water we drink, to the air we breathe, to the food we grow and eat.

Feb 13,  · Today's Top 5 Environmental Concerns. Updated on January 11, Alyssa S. more.

10 of Today’s Most Important Environmental Issues

Contact Author. Source. You are a very prolific writer and your environmental Hubs deal with very important issues that more people should read and take to elleandrblog.coms: The most controversial and political of the top 10 environmental issues.

Recently an overwhelming majority of climate scientists, believe that human activities are currently affecting the climate and that the tipping point has already been passed. Aug 02,  · 10 of Today’s Most Important Environmental Issues Image: Thiru Murugan While this guide to important environmental issues is not comprehensive, if you’re new to green or simply want a refresher overview, this list neatly summarizes some of our most pressing environmental concerns some of which cannot be solved simply viacreative upcycling or small-space living.

This Earth Day we take a look at 6 of world's most pressing environmental issues, and a few of the ways most important steps we can take to save it.

Environmental health issues

Environmental Problems Our environment is constantly changing. There is no denying that. However, as our environment changes, so does the need to become increasingly aware of the problems that surround it.

Today's Top 5 Environmental Concerns

This is one of the most important current environmental problem. Acid Rain: Acid rain is a known environmental problem that can.

10 of todays most important environmental
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