Novotel situational analysis essay

Employability accomplishments There are accomplishments that are required for a specific occupation function or a undertaking ; nevertheless there are a batch of accomplishments that are movable between occupations.

Novotel has a trusted brand name and a good reputation internationally in the accommodation industry and this increases consumer confidence in their service if they have never stayed with them before and also increases the likelihood of business through person to person referral.

Development into new functions of medical devices and diagnostics will provide new markets to entry which will result in business growth.

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City Life and Rydges Hotels have very advantageous points of parity as they have aligned themselves with other organisations in Wellington that will provide extra service to their guests.

The focus of this report will specifically be on the Wellington Novotel. There is nothing on the website that makes a potential guest decide that they have to experience that particular hotel.

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This will create an easier decision for guests if they are new to the city or unsure of a quality place to stay. While those aspects appeal to the families Novotel also publicize their advanced conference rooms and experience in hosting a business meeting for their guests.

The Novotel website is a. New Zealand is one of the countries with the youngest populations in the world. Novotel and City Life caters to families with their special family offers while Rydges and James Cook offer the facilities for wedding parties.

The NZ accommodation sectors data shows a trend of guest nights spiking in January for at least the last 3 years 3. Latest consumer trends for June in the broader accommodation market shows New Zealand guest nights overall fell 0.

Situation Analysis and Problem Statement

The company was able to attain a win-win situation through gene technology that eliminated disease in tomatoes and potatoes that eliminated the need for pesticide treatments in farming, and consumers were pleased to buy chemical-free products. As a popular destination for international tourists, Auckland hotels have been under pressure to upgrade their operations up to international standards in the recent in order to keep up with the expectations of customers.

James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotels. This means that businesses will need to readjust their strategic plans to accommodate these demographic changes. Additionally, Hotel DeBrett should put come up with measures to reduce its carbon emission. Meeting organizational aims and marks is indispensable for a concern to win ; therefore it is of import that employees are besides able to run into separately.

Moreover, guests at Hotel DeBrett have an exclusive use of a luxurious drawing room fitted with an honest bar and a library offering them an ideal place to mingle and mix for a pre-dinner drink.

For example, the total population of New Zealand is projected to rise from the current for 4. If the option is available consumers will stay with relatives rather than pay for accommodation, also NZ has an international reputation as being thrifty which is a factor that counts against a high range hotel chain such as Novotel.

Guest nights fell for backpacker accommodation and motels, but rose for hotels and holiday parks 1. Furthermore the administration should besides concentrate on the accomplishments of the bing employees and promote new accomplishments through personal development.

Thus, it does not have to rely on foreign tourists only. The ruling labor party has adopted a political approach that has continuously made the country a haven for international tourists. This means that hotels come up with measures of dealing with the ever-changing tastes of customers.

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Information had to be found from secondary sources and this may limit the accuracy or detail of the report.

Another weakness of Novotel is their website. The target market of Novotel and the four star accommodation sector is segmented by demographic and psychographic strategies. Novotel Wellington is small by the standards of its competitors and this limits its potential.

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ALSO READ Novotel Situational Analysis Essay Sample. Personal accomplishments are good regardless of the occupation or calling that you pursue.

Below are illustrations of the personal accomplishments that are of import for a receptionist function at ‘Travel Lodge’: Patient and hard-working: Patience is required in a receptionist function.

The research question formed for this report is: How does Novotel’s sustainability program influence customer perception?

Novotel Situational Analysis

In order to answer the abovementioned question, the following sub questions must be researched and answered. This report is a situational analysis on the hotel chain Novotel.

The objectives of the analysis is to ascertain where Novotel stands in the Wellington 4 star accommodation market. Information had to be found from secondary sources and this may limit the accuracy or detail of the report. 3 Doing Situational Maps and Analysis As I wrestle with what it means to “do” critical, emancipatory science in a post-foundationalist context, the following ques.

Novotel situational analysis essay
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